Olivia Jeffries: My Secret Self/At Rest

Released Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Secret Self/At Rest, by Olivia Jeffries.
15% of the sale of this print goes to Transportation Alternatives.

Olivia Jeffries lives in Norwich in the East Anglian region of the UK. She graduated in 2000 with a degree in fine art but feels that she has only really come to find a voice through her work over the past three years. Olivia works from home in a small, light-filled room where she aims to clear her mind and make simple, intuitive drawings on old paper as often as possible.

About the print:
This is one of my favorite drawings that I have created in the past few months. I enjoy repetitive mark making in my drawings, and use the time spent making these marks to lose myself in my thoughts and process – it almost becomes a meditation in itself. This piece is not particularly about me, despite its title. I hope it can be appreciated by all people who enjoy their own company and seek solace in the meditative qualities of purposeful isolation.

This print was signed and numbered by the artist. It is a giclee print made with Epson Ultrachrome inks on 285 gsm Hahnemuhle Torchon paper.


What has inspired you recently?
I spend a lot of time gazing out of the window of my studio, looking up at the seemingly weightless birds and clouds in the sky. If you watch them for long enough it becomes quite hypnotic.

Why did you choose to pair Transportation Alternatives with your print?
I chose Transportation Alternatives, because whenever I'm in New York, I literally fear for my own life when crossing the road. It would be great to see some positive changes made to transportation in such a sprawling metropolis.

How have you seen art transform the world around you?
It's hard to say why art is capable of causing change, or how we can quantify the effect of art on people and places, but it's undeniable that it happens.

For me personally, when I send a drawing out into the world - whether it's to a gallery or directly to a new owner - I think about the chain of events which have occurred to get the drawing to its new home. Of how an old book has travelled over the years to eventually be in my possession; for parts of that book to be paired with the perfect drawing, and then to go on to its new place in someone else's home. A succession of subtle, small changes in place and purpose for people and objects continuously evolving is intriguing to me.

If you could pick one artist to mentor you, who would it be?
I can't say that I can think of a specific artist who I would like to mentor me. However, I would like the opportunity one day to live away from the bustle of modern life, in as much isolation as possible, and see how that could shape my work.

Who are some artists you think people should know about?
I particularly enjoy the work of Iris Schwarz, Hollie Chastain and Claire Loder.

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olivia is incredibly talented and her work always excites and soothes at once. so pleased to get to read more about her!

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