Mark Alsweiler: The Big Sky

Released Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Big Sky, by Mark Alsweiler.
15% of the sale of this print goes to Transportation Alternatives.

Mark Alsweiler is a New Zealand artist who gained a Bachelor of Arts in 2005, majoring in graphic design. He is currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. Some things he likes to do with his days are: painting, graphic design, skateboarding, snowboarding, listening to music, trawling junk shops, consuming food and looking forward to exploring the rest of the world more.

About the print:
I think that when I first painted this drawing, I was really wishing I owned an old motorbike and could play the guitar.

This is a digital print on acid free, Neenah uncoated matte 100lb cover paper that is 80% recycled. It was digitally signed by the artist and was numbered by The Working Proof.


What has inspired you recently?
Neil Young's tunes.

Why did you choose to pair Transportation Alternatives with your print?
I chose to pair my print with Transportation Alternatives, because I am all for steps that help to create a cleaner environment.

How have you seen art transform the world around you?
It can put a smile on someone's dial.

If you could pick one artist to mentor you, who would it be?
Pretty hard question! Working alongside Basquiat would be pretty cool. I like how he seemed to have a very spontaneous and free approach to making a painting. It would be cool to have seen him in action.

Who are some artists you think people should know about?
Michael Swaney, Robin Cameron, Jeremy Blincoe and Cam O'Connell.

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