Amy Borrell - Sprinkles

Released Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sprinkles, by Amy Borrell.
15% of the sale of this print goes to The Pablove Foundation.

Amy Borrell is a freelance illustrator and designer living in Melbourne, Australia. She spends her days working in a little studio making bits and pieces for all kinds of interesting and lovely clients, while also pursuing her own personal projects (and drinking lots of tea!). At the moment she is working on her first children's book, dabbling in a little furniture making, mastering her Nikon FG, and dreaming of far away lands.

About the print:
Candy coloured skiers drift gently down snow covered slopes beneath a pink moon.

This is an archival print on 300gsm, 100% cotton, acid-free Museo paper.


What has inspired you recently?
A trip to Belgium - with cotton clouds, windmills in paddocks and winding cobbled laneways. The colours of those days have been filling my drawings.

Why did you choose to pair The Pablove Foundation with your print?
I'm a big supporter of any organization which aims to improve the quality of life for children living with cancer, and Pablove is working hard to do this.

If you could pick one artist to mentor you, who would it be?
It would be difficult to pick just one, but I love the work of Maira Kalman. She can say the most profound things with her illustrations, and make me giggle like crazy. I think she would be a wonderful teacher, and lovely company, too!

Who are some artists you think people should know about?
I've been particularly fond of Susie Cowie's lacework and embroidery lately.

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