Laszlito Kovacs: Love Inspires

Released Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Love Inspires, by Laszlito Kovacs.
15% of the sale of this print goes to the 826 National.

Laszlito Kovacs lives and works 1.699 km from home. His colorful and optimistic illustrations have been published in some of the leading newspapers and magazines in Spain, such as "el PaĆ­s", "El Mundo", and "Club Cultura". In the Netherlands, he has been published in Bright Magazine, WWF Panda Mag, Adobe CS5 Mag, and de Volkskrant. In addition to being an artist, Laszlito is a curator at, and the chief editor at

Laszlito draws like a monkey all day long. He finds his inspiration in movies, pigs, candyfloss, music, deers, whales, penguins, his friends and family, and all of the things that make this world sweet and better.

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About the print:
The idea behind Love Inspires is pretty simple. I believe that love is the "inspiration engine" for a better life. But even though this is a simple idea, sometimes we still really need to remind ourselves of it everyday. I simply love the idea of having a reminder hanging on my wall. The musician is the reincarnation of inspiration. Music often opens our minds and heart and prepares us to embrace inspiration.

This is a digital print on acid free, Neenah uncoated matte 100lb cover paper that is 80% recycled. It was digitally signed by the artist and was numbered by The Working Proof.


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What have you been up to since we last worked together?
I’ve been working on some really interesting projects. I recently teamed up with Winged Wheel in Japan, and designed five greeting cards for them. Working with Rumi Nagata and her lovely team has been one of the most inspiring experiences for me. I also was recently featured in a wonderful book called Illustrators Unlimited, alongside a bunch of wonderfully talented illustrators.

Words play a large part in your work. How do you choose your phrases, and how do they influence your art?
Phrases and words are like mantras for me, and the more I get attached to one, the more I discover. Because we live surrounded by information and receive input from all over the place everyday, I tend to get attached to one of my phrases for a while, in order to preserve myself amongst the mountains of information. I have the feeling that it is not me who finds and chooses the phrases, but the opposite.

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How has your work developed over the last year?
I'm experimenting with new techniques. But there are other things that remain exactly in the same place. The result of the fight between the preservation of style and experimentation is what we can call my actual work. But the end of my evolution as an artist is still far away...and I'm glad to be just at the beginning.

What is inspiring you these days?
Imperfection. Even today in this super, super industrialized world, it is bliss for me when I find an imperfection in a print, book, or product that keeps it human. I keep my eyes open for that kind of event. I’m not buying the idea of perfection that is being sold to us everywhere, especially in advertising.

Why did you choose to pair your print with 826 National?
I chose to pair my print with 826 National again, because I believe that while words might not change our world completely, words, phrases, and books can certainly open our hearts to a new world.

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Laszlito's previous edition: Vida Lenta.

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