Linda Kim: Beneath the Trees

Released Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beneath the Trees, by Linda Kim.
15% of the sale of this print goes to The Pablove Foundation.

Linda Kim is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and designer. After working in the real world for a bit, she decided to go back to school to pursue illustration. She was born and raised in southern California and had the good fortune of growing up with the ocean, mountains, and the city all being in close proximity to one another. This allowed her to explore many facets of the world around her and to satisfy her curiosity through different cultures, foods, and people. She grew up on Saturday morning cartoons and getting lost in books and films. She wants to one day write and illustrate her own children’s books because of the books and stories she so fondly remembers while growing up. Linda loves people, friends, coffee, food, music, mystery, history, science, the ocean, and the universe.

About the print:
Beneath the Trees was created for a show with the theme "It's a Small World". I love stories, whether it's listening, sharing, creating, or telling them. In lieu of the theme, I wanted to create a gathering place under the trees where kids from all different backgrounds can come together and share their stories.

This is an archival giclée print on Epson Velvet Fine Arts Paper. Each was signed by the artist.


There's always an element of fantasy in your prints. What drives that? Are there any recurring themes that you see emerging in your work?
There are definitely recurring themes in my work, particularly that of nature, as well as geometric shapes that could be found in nature. Deep down, I do believe in a kind of magic - most probably because there are mysteries that I can't understand. Somehow things exist without an explanation (or at least one that I can comprehend), and I love that. I've always been curious about things that can't easily be explained and I think that another recurring theme in my work is the act of exploring or wanting to know more of the unknown.

Why did you choose to pair the Pablove Foundation with your print?
For this print, I would like to pair it with the Pablove Foundation. I think very highly of children because at such a young age, they have so much wonder about the world around them and no inhibitions with their creativity and imagination. It is unfortunate that some children may not have the chance to discover more about the world due to the health concerns of cancer. I support the Pablove Foundation for its efforts in research and development of treatments for childhood cancer.

What have you been up to since we last worked together?
I'm currently working as a designer in fashion as well as participating in a few art shows, and I'm also working on personal projects with friends.

How has your work developed over the last year?
Lately I've been incorporating more decorative elements into my work. I think this comes with my interest in textile design and with creating repeat patterns. I would like to make more work based on themes, stories, and ideas.

What is inspiring you these days?
I've been inspired lately by people I've met who work hard and love what they do. I'm also inspired by others' stories, whether it's someone I met on the bus, or coworkers, or friends. I would really love to travel and meet more people and hear their stories as well.

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