Nick Lu: Lotus

Released Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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Lotus, by Nick Lu.
15% of the sale of this print goes to Doctors Without Borders.

Nick Lu is an illustrator/designer living and working out of Los Angeles. He spends most of his time dreaming up weird, interesting, eclectic things to draw and design for various publishing, music, apparel, and advertising clients.

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About the print:
Lotus was originally a mixed-media illustration created to accompany an article for PlanSponsor magazine.

This print is available in multiple sizes. It was digitally signed by the artist. The 8x10 and 11x14 prints are numbered by The Working Proof. Learn more here.


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What has inspired you recently?
I've been looking at vintage Indian match box designs and Swiss graphic design a lot lately.

Why did you choose to pair with Doctors Without Borders with your print?
I chose to pair my print with Doctors Without Borders. I remember watching the documentary Living in Emergency a few years ago, and was really touched by the compelling story of the people and the organization.

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How have you seen art transform the world around you?
Tough question. It could be a little piece of art my friend gives me as a present and makes my day, to a piece of art that is so impactful that it makes people aware of important social issues. I do like the idea that art is everywhere nowadays and for everybody.

If you could pick one artist to mentor you, who would it be?
Hmm...too many. I think that Chip Kidd would be pretty cool to hang around with.

Who are some artists you think people should know about?
Michael Swaney
David Jien
Oliver Jeffers
Hiro Kurata
Lasse Skarbovik

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