Sarah Burwash: The Fox Sisters

Released Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fox Sisters, by Sarah Burwash.
15% of the sale of this print goes to Victory Junction.

Sarah Burwash grew up in a small mountain town in British Columbia, Canada. Burwash graduated from the University of British Columbia Okanagan in 2009 with a BFA in drawing and print making. Working in a variety of media from drawing and collage to ceramics and installation, Sarah’s work most often takes form in narrative watercolour drawings. Burwash currently resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia, working full time as an artist and freelance illustrator. 

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About the print:
The Fox sisters were three sisters who played an important role in the creation of Spiritualism. The Fox sisters were born in a small farming community, Consecon (near Belleville), Ontario. Last winter I attended a residency near this community and was researching the area, more specifically notable women who settled in the back woods of that area in the early 1800s, such as Susanna Moodie. I came across the Fox sisters in my research and was intrigued and decided to make some drawings around their enticing story.

This print is available in multiple sizes. It was digitally signed by the artist. The 8x10 and 11x14 prints are numbered by The Working Proof, and the 16x20, 24x30, and 30x40 prints come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Learn more here.


What has inspired you recently?
I recently spent a week at a residency in Michigan called Cabin-Time where I explored walking as a form of research and performance. I like to think of my practice as an investigation of intentional living and art as lifestyle, and Cabin-Time provided that setting and the support and energy of other artists to open new pockets of inspiration and approaches to my work.  Cabin-Time is a roaming creative residency to remote places. The week was spent together with 12 artists in a cabin pursuing individual and collaborative projects in a beautiful, snowy setting on Lake Superior.

Why did you choose to pair Victory Junction with your print?
I chose Victory Junction to pair my print with. I believe strongly in the healing power of mother nature and the outdoors, and am inspired by the idea providing care for children in a camp environment. Victory Junction values the mental health and value of being in a positive environment full of play and laughter while healing. My work strives to voice a similar message, to draw attention and respect to our out-of-touch relationship with nature, illustrating lyricism and disturbance in the portrayal of humans and animals with their surroundings.

How have you seen art transform the world around you?
Constantly. Life is art and art is life. It has such a vast and diverse impact, taking so many shapes and forms. Art is not just something you hang on the wall, it is state of mind - it is seeing a funny face in your scrambled eggs, it is living intentionally and by example.   

If you could pick one artist to mentor you, who would it be?
Bill Murray. I believe could learn everything I ever need to know from Bill Murray.

Who are some artists you think people should know about?
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